The Reason to vote

As I have knocked on doors throughout the third ward, I have come across voters who seem disengaged and turned off by the current state of politics in Shelton. Especially when it comes to the Planning and Zoning Board and the Shelter Ridge development. I support Jimmy Tickey and the other Democrats running for Planning and Zoning.

What also seems to disenfranchise voters, especially young and independent voters, is the long tenures of the incumbents in our city’s government. People want change, and they want to bring Shelton’s government into the 21st century. But those voters see the current state of politics as unbreakable. The mayor and the republicans have had solid control of Shelton’s government for so long that it has influenced voter turnout in a negative way. I know we can do better.

If you want to change the way Shelton is run, then vote for the candidates for change. I want to be the voice for my neighbors, and the third ward along with Patrick Jeanetti. My fellow democrats running this year want to move Shelton forward. I am doing this because I believe the voters want change, and a fresh voice in government. Every voter I talk to says the same thing, “we need fresh faces in City Hall”. But I need your help, I need your vote. Let’s move Shelton forward together.

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  • Tom Lewis Jr.

    Shelton is the most prosperous city in CT with the lowest property taxes in Fairfield County. In a Democratic blue state with negative population growth, Shelton is a shining star because of the Conservative Leadership. nnDonu2019t be fooled by this Liberal propaganda. All the Democrats will do is raise your taxes, increase spending, raise your taxes, increase spending… Just look at all the CT cities run into the ground by Democratic tyranny. Or look at what Democratic Gov. Malloy has done to destroy this once great state. nnAsk your friends & relatives in towns that border Shelton. Their property taxes are 50-100% higher than Shelton. All have been run by Democrats for years. Shelton is the best city to live, raise a family, & run a business in CT. nnKeep Shelton the best city in CT: Vote Conservative Republican!

    • Bob Slossar

      All the towns that border Shelton are run by Democrats? Really? Yes, Derby has a Democrat mayor but Trumbull has a Republican 1st Selectman(Herbst), Stratford has a Republican mayor (Harkins) and Monroe has a Republican 1st Selectman (Vavrek). Which towns that border Shelton did you mean?nI would agree Mayor Lauretti deserves re-election. However, I’d be happy to see P&Z Chairwoman Parkins lose. Parkins didn’t know P&Z had to keep minutes (how does the Chair of P&Z not know?) and Parkins thinks its ok for the developers to talk to the mayor 1st and then for the mayor to talk to her. I thought P&Z was supposed to be an independent board.

      • Tom Lewis Jr.

        Shelton is the only city in the area with consistent Conservative Leadership over the past 20 years. Not until recent elections, residents in nearby cities voted for Democrats or Moderate Republicans who raised their property taxes every year. Those days are over. But letu2019s not have the facts get in the way a good Liberal spin!nnMayor Lauretti is a Conservative Republican who knows that small government, low taxes, & business growth are key to running a successful city. Under his leadership, Shelton residents have experienced steady growth, low property taxes, & balanced budgets. nnWhy do Progressives always try to fix something that isnu2019t broken? Leave Shelton to the Conservatives. The Shelton school system is outstanding. The roads in Shelton are fine. Businesses & people are moving to Shelton. nnDemocrats have done such a great job in Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven, etc. Progressives should fix those cities before trying to make changes to a shining star like Shelton, CT. Take a page out of the Conservative playbook: lower property taxes, provide incentives to attract new businesses, reduce government spending, eliminate waste…

        • Tim B.

          I respectfully disagree, I never said anything about raising taxes, and in fact the opposite may be possible. The budget has some areas that the city can save on while putting money where it needs to be like paving roads, and providing better services like snow plowing, which is common concern of the voters I have talked too. nnShelton’s schools are good they could be better. Shelton’s ranking in the state is not as high as Trumbull, or Monroe. We need a Board of Education that can adapt to the new philosophies in teaching, to give Shelton’s students the best possible education, and have them be prepared for college or the workforce and beyond. nnAnd with Groups like S.O.S organizing to fight the city on proposed developments something must be broken, or that group would not exist.nnI know some like the status quo, but nothing great ever happened from keeping the status quo.

          • Tom Lewis Jr.

            Shelton is not the status quo in CT. Just take a look at Bridgeport Avenue, Downtown Shelton, & several new housing developments. nnWhy is it always the school system & roads? If that is all the Left has to criticize about Shelton, then Mark Lauretti is doing an even better job. Shelton schools have excellent teachers, coaches, & curriculum. Every student has an opportunity to learn & succeed. Shelton roads are fine. Sure a new paved road looks better, but does cost considerably more TAXPAYER money. Just like a driveway at home, the most cost effective approach is to repair/reseal for many years of good use. nnQuick…name a city in Connecticut under Democratic leadership for the past 20 years that has low property taxes, a pro-business environment, & positive population growth.

        • Bob Slossar

          Only in your mind am I a liberal. nI’m against raising spending or taxes however other than tax money what are we conserving in Shelton? Open space? No. Our way of life? No.nShelton schools are outstanding? I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion. Our students didn’t test as well as our neighbors in Monroe & Trumbull. I’m not in favor of spending more money on education but maybe we should look at how the money is spent. Maybe we would do better if the superintendent and administrators made less money and more was spent on supplies and resources for the kids.

        • Bob Slossar

          You’re the one who got the political affiliations of the neighboring town leaders wrong but some how I’m the one “spinning”!?!? Talk about your inconvenient truth! 😉

          • Tom Lewis Jr.

            When we moved to CT 20 years ago, most of the cities in Fairfield County were run by Democrats, had higher property taxes & more expensive home prices. Shelton was the clear & obvious choice because of safe neighborhoods, good schools, nice open space/recreational areas, lower property taxes, good quality of life, more bang for your real estate buck, pro-business environment, Conservative Leadership…nnThe truth is those other cities were run by tax & spend Democrats for years and their property taxes are still 50-100% higher than Shelton. nnNot to worry, though! Democratic Governor Malloy will just increase the sales tax, reduce municipal aid pushing costs back to the cities, raise the cigarette tax, increase the gas tax, etc. Hey, but Connecticut was the first state in the nation ready for Obamacare a few years ago! Way to go Dannel!

  • Pat Jeanetti

    I for one understand what you are saying Mr. Lewis. I for one believe in responsible spending, and do not want to see a tax increase. Our city runs on a surplus every year. Money is given back to the city from departments every year. Can this money be better managed at the current tax and mill rate? I believe so. I believe we can improve things and make our city even that much better. This is why i am running for Alderman in the 3rd ward. Why cant our schools be better, and have better roads which will increase your property value like the towns around us. Shelton is poised to be the shining star for years to come if and when we do everything we can to make it that way. We cant only be the town with low taxes, we can and will be so much more!

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