Sunnyside boat ramp flooded with trash (Video)

The Sunnyside boat ramp in Shelton has overflowed with trash and debris following a power failure in Waterbury that led to 5 million gallons of sewage funneling into the Naugatuck River on Oct. 9.

The general manager of the Waterbury Pollution Control department told news media outlets that a contractor’s mistake at the city’s sewage treatment plant caused the electrical breakers to blow.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Control confirmed Tuesday the sewage spill killed dozens of fish in the river.

Leon Sylvester, who has been in charge of running the river cleanup for nearly 15 years, attributed some of what you see to the spill in Waterbury, but not all of it.

“Some of what you see is from the spill and some is from just humans being pigs and the heavy rains,” said Sylvester. “This is nothing new unfortunately. But the raw sewage aspect is awful.”

Sylvester said there may be an emergency cleanup organized soon, but it depends on the next rain.

I've spent over 15 years of myLife trying to clean and protect this waterway and every time any strides are made carless and greedy humans just set us back further and further. Yes some of this is no doubt from the Waterbury spill but most is from everyday people that just don't care! Another example of the sad state of entitlement that exists in society today. Throw your garbage in the trash!!!!!!

Posted by Leon Sylvester on Thursday, October 26, 2017