It’s a wrap: Shelton tree ready for trip to Rockefeller Center

A view of the “wrapped” tree taken on Saturday.

The tree on Kazo Drive in Shelton that will be headed to Rockefeller Center appears to have been completely “wrapped” for the journey to New York City. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

Workers have spent the past few days pulling in the branches with ropes so the Norway spruce — believed to be about 80 feet in height — will be less wide. The tree crew began the process began at the top of the tree and then worked its way down.

A view of the entire tree taken on Saturday.

A special truck traditionally is used to transport the future Rockefeller Center Christmas tree to Manhattan so it can be decorated for the holiday season.

A Shelton police cruiser has been assigned to keep watch over the tree until it is cut and taken to New York City.

This close-up photo shows how ropes are used to pull in branches on the tree.
An earlier photo of the tree while it was still being “wrapped.”
An earlier photo of the tree while it was still being “wrapped.”
A photo of the tree when the “wrapping” process was just beginning.