Another video from the Howe Avenue fire


Marc Weissman of Looking Up: A View From the Valley posted this message on our Facebook page of video he took of the fire.

Here is footage I took of the 4-alarm fire in Downtown Shelton last night.
First 10 mins or so shows the first responders battling thru fallen snow, rain, icy sidewalks & roadways, inoperative fire hydrants that were frozen shut, and oh by the way, a water main break that required trucks of water to be brought in from neighboring Derby. Amazing resiliency shown by the Ansonia/Derby/Oxford/Shelton FD’s throughout..

At about the 12 min mark, you can see billowing smoke start to come out from inside the “Howe Convenient” store after firefighters broke thru its glass….

At the 14:30 mark, the first sign of flames from the back/side of the building become apparent…