Deck your halls with decorated houseplants

Dec.-Web-Indoor-plants-300x294Beautiful evergreen trees aren’t the only plants that enjoy getting “spruced” up for the holidays. Houseplants also show off their Christmas green when placed in the spotlight.

Whether you like a subtle look or go all-out glitz when decorating your home for the holidays, don’t forget that indoor plants can add extra interest and sparkle to the most festive season of the year.

Because plants are full of life and energy, they are natural and perfect focal points. Not only can you decorate your home with plants, but you can literally decorate your plants.

There’s an added significance that comes with paying close attention to houseplants during the Christmas season. Hanging plants add drama when battery operated string lights are wrapped around the ropes, wires, or hangers that keep the spider plants high off the floor.

If you have very sunny windows during the day, tiny solar lights look terrific suspended from the plant hangers and gently cascading along with a hanging philodendron. Make sure you don’t use hot lightbulbs anywhere near live plants if you want your plants to live after the holidays.

Want something more subtle? Tuck one or two of the little battery-operated flameless candle lights into your potted plants, flick on the switch and see how their leaves cast a romantic glow at night. For even more light, place a plant near a crystal lamp and hang tiny lightweight crystals from the branches of a plant like a Christmas cactus and watch the reflection of the nearby light.

Light bright

Lights always and immediately draw the eye, so make sure the plants you spot a light on are healthy and strong. However, lights aren’t the only way to dress up indoor plants.

Tiny or miniature ornaments also have a transformative effect. Pretty, dangling rhinestone earrings that have lost their matching partners suddenly shimmer on a bashful plant. Earrings are usually lightweight and perfect for dressing up a leaf or two.

Even an old rhinestone or imitation pearl necklace takes on a whole new look on a purple passion plant. Don’t throw away old jewelry; instead use your imagination and perk up a plant. With a glue gun, take some of those beads that came off your broken strand of beads and attach one beautiful bead on top of a plant pick. Then stick the picks in the soil of the plant and get ready for plenty of compliments.

Another way to add a touch of glamour to those leafy indoor ferns is to gently attach satin or velvet ribbons. Of course, fabulous bows dress up any container or plant, and tiny little bows on the branches of a ficus plant look particularly festive. Another way to decorate large and tall indoor plants is to place artificial birds, like the red cardinal, among its branches.

Since pinecones are plentiful in this neck of the woods, gather local cones or purchase inexpensive ones. Then with a can of gold or silver spray paint, paint them. When they are completely dried, roll in glue and then in glitter. After completely dried, tuck into a plant or surround a tall, large woody plant with rows and rows of glittery cones.

Outside the box

While poinsettias demand attention no matter where they are positioned, thinking out of the box may bring many joyful surprises as you deck the halls of your own home. Add the popular artificial lighted branches to a large poinsettia plant and it becomes almost as glamorous as a Christmas tree.

Position plants differently. Of course, you don’t want to shock your plants by taking them out of the locations where they are thriving, but you can put them on a pedestal in the same location. Gift-wrap a tall, sturdy box and place the plant on top of it. Suddenly, it’s a show stopper. Better yet, gift-wrap boxes of different heights and stack your plants with matching bows on them. You can also take a small desk or open shelf and position plants on them.

Ideally, you want the plants to stay in their habitat but on a different item. Plants easily become invisible when they stay in the exact same place for extended periods of time. For the holidays, you want to make them noticeable. Change their stand.

Amaryllis plants usually come in nondescript plastic containers. Tuck them into pretty terra cotta pots and tie with wide Christmas plaid ribbon for a festive look. Magic happens when you take a medium-sized plant and put it into a much larger crystal bowl. Make sure there’s plenty of space between the container and the bowl. Then fill the bowl with solid colored round ornaments.

For extra special rooms, try hanging lightweight chandelier-like clear hanging ornaments from the plants. Make sure any ornament or decoration that is actually placed on a plant is extremely lightweight. Ambitious decorators can wrap a pot in holiday designed fabric and cut thin strips of the same fabric to make matching bows for the plant.

Since foils now come in so many different colors, placing a plant in pretty foil and accenting the plant with tiny ornaments in a matching color will also catch attention. Realistic icicles hanging from a tropical plant add a bit of frolic to the happy season, and sticking an artificial candy cane into potted plants is a sweet touch to the most toxic plant. Have fun with your plants, but remember that they are alive and fragile. They are also the perfect way to decorate a room with a special holiday touch.