BLIZZARDS AND PETS: Check paws, be careful with ice melts, etc.


As we hunkered down for the impending blizzard, the ASPCA sent out a reminder to make sure our furry friends are also safe and warm.

If it’s too dangerous for us to be outside, it’s too dangerous for pets as well.

The ASPCA sent out tips to keep in mind to keep your pet safe during cold weather.

Pets should stay indoors as much as possible during winter months, but this is especially true with the blizzard. Bring pets inside immediately, and limit their time outside for brief bathroom trips.

When pets do go out, make sure they’re prepared: Depending on their breed, coat thickness and size, they may need a coat. If they have sensitive paws, make sure they’re wearing their booties.

Once you’ve brought them back inside, clean them off. Make sure to towel dry your pet right away, paying special attention to their paws, paw pads and the spaces between their toes.

Winter walks can turn dangerous quickly if chemicals from ice-melting agents are licked off legs and paws. Be sure to secure winter weather products like anti-freeze and ice melts, keeping them out of your pet’s reach.

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