WE WANT YOUR INPUT: Take our reader survey

What do you want out of your hometown news source?

This week, the Shelton Herald launched a reader survey to help us better serve you — our readers.

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The online survey, which takes just five to 10 minutes to complete, seeks to find out which ways you prefer to get the news and what kind of news you are most interested in.

Shelton HeraldAfter getting through some initial questions that ask you how you consume the Herald — online, in print or our e-edition — the survey asks what other sources you use to get local news. It also seeks to find out what sort of advertising you look for in print and online, among other items of interest.

We also want to learn more about what kinds of social media you use; along with if you receive and what you like (or dislike) about our email alerts, which include our Online Today and News Alerts.

Other questions are about our HANRadio.com programming and more.
The survey gives you a chance to share your thoughts about what you would change about the Shelton Herald and SheltonHerald.com.


The Herald — originally known as the Huntington Herald — has been covering Shelton since 1981, when it began publishing (and SheltonHerald.com has been active since 2005). We hope that you’ll help us continue to serve you, our readers, with more than what you expect. This is the Shelton community’s news source.

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