Friday reported sightings put bear near Long Hill Avenue, Platt Road

(File photo of a black bear from the state DEEP website)
(File photo of a black bear from the state DEEP website)

The Shelton police had received four calls about reported bear sightings today  as of mid-afternoon on Friday, May 8, all in the vicinity of Long Hill Avenue and Platt Road.

The new locations indicate the bear is heading north from where it was observed on Thursday, on Long Hill Cross Road near Route 8.

Shelton Police Capt. Robert Kozlowsky said the reported sightings were received between 9:30 a.m. and slightly past 1 p.m. at locations on Platt Road and the 300 block of Long Hill Avenue.

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Police officers have responded to the calls but it doesn’t appear they have actually seen the bear today, he said. “It’s still our protocol to respond and to do monitoring,” Kozlowsky said.

Shelton-PoliceLogoSmallHe said no aggressive behavior has been reported by the bear at this time, which could impact what actions the police take during a response.

On at least three occasions during the past week or so, Shelton police have been able to observe the bear’s behavior for extended periods (twice on Long Hill Cross Road, and once on Daybreak Lane).

“We’re still working with the DEEP on a longer-term resolution,” said Kozlowsky, in a reference to the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

The DEEP is responsible for handling wildlife incidents in Connecticut. DEEP officials and the DEEP’s environmental conservation (EnCon) police have been working closely with the Shelton Police Department, responding to bear sightings when deemed necessary.

Closer to downtown

The recent reports are putting the bear closer to the outskirts of downtown Shelton, including to Constitution Boulevard South near Route 8.

It appears the bear has traveled about a mile north of where it was observed on Thursday morning, behind the Apple Tree Daycare and Preschool Center on Long Hill Cross Road.

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