Did I Say That? Okay, everyone: Deep breath!

Color PisaniThe headline said it all: “Beaver attacks two people on river.”

Everywhere, everyone and everything is angry. It’s a sad sign of the times. Or a sign of sad times. (Is that the same thing?)

I also read stories about a woman who threw a carton of eggs at her domestic partner and another woman who was walking her dog and tossed a bag of poop at a speeding motorist, which exploded in his truck. There were stories about sex, drugs and lies at the Olympic Games, along with stories about assaults, protests and all-purpose, all-American hysterics.

Life has become what the Temptations once called a Ball of Confusion:


Ball of Confusion, that’s what the world is today

The sale of pills is at an all-time high

Young folks walkin’ ’round with their heads in the sky

Cities aflame in the summertime, and the beat goes on

Eve of destruction, tax deduction,

Evolution, revolution, gun control, the sound of soul,

Shootin’ rockets to the moon, kids growin up too soon

Politicians say more taxes will solve evrything … and the band played on.

Round and round and round we go, where the worlds headed nobody knows.


Maybe the presidential election is making everyone angry or maybe it’s the cancellation of Game of Thrones or the constant tax increases and the lack of jobs for young people and old people. Whatever the cause, we can’t blame it all on Donald Trump no matter how hard the New York Times tries.

On the right, talk radio is fueling hysteria, and on the left, the new Taliban stifles any view opposed to its agenda. Where’s the love?

In addition to the animal kingdom and the political kingdom, the celebrity kingdom is coming unraveled. Every day there’s another story about celebrities attacking celebrities, which to my thinking is a sure sign the end is near.

Kanye West versus Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift versus Katy Perry. Amber Heard versus Johnny Depp. Vin Diesel versus the Rock. Hulk Hogan versus Gawker. Justin Bieber versus Selena Gomez. Even the Kardashians are at one another’s throats. Can you believe it? Kanye snubbed Kim, and Kendall snubbed Kris, and Kris snubbed Caitlyn. And everybody in New York is angry at A-Rod.

In many ways, social media contributes to the collective anger. Celebrities aren’t too bright to begin with, and when they mouth off on Twitter to millions of followers, disaster inevitably follows.

My coworker recently accused me of being part of the problem. I said something inane and he promptly responded, “You’re an angry man. Why are you such an angry man?”

Is that what I am? Quite honestly, I’ve always thought of myself as a happy-go-lucky, pleasant guy. Then, I realized he may be right because I feel myself succumbing to the national virus. Just last week I wanted to knock over a woman who was text-messaging in the middle of Grand Central Terminal at rush hour while I was racing to catch my train. (Could I possibly be a distant relative of Donald Trump or that beaver?)

I’m not the only one who’s angry. From sea to shining sea, the mood of the country is VERY angry, with protests and violence erupting in cities and towns. People are quarreling on the highways and in the workplace. Families are facing upheaval, and marriages are breaking up.

There are fights over who can and who can’t use the men’s room or the women’s room, depending upon your preference. Road rage is a common occurrence, and 8 out of 10 motorists admit to aggressive behavior, while an estimated 8 million drivers have engaged in such violent acts as ramming another person’s car.

Train travel isn’t much better, and I’ve witnessed near riots in the quiet car because some nitwit insisted on using his cell phone in defiance of the rules. (I confess I was part of that uprising.)

Plus, an entire generation of young Americans is angry about the future. According to one poll, 75 percent of Millennials think our country is “falling behind” or “failing,” and a recent Gallup poll found that a vast majority of Americans — 82 percent — are disgruntled.

This much is certain. Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Mick Jagger, Congress and even Beyonce can’t solve this problem no matter how many Twitter followers they have. Even Sponge Bob Square Pants can’t help us now. Only heaven can because, as the Temptations said … “where the world’s headed, nobody knows.”


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