Woodpeckers with Attitude!


Woodpeckers with Attitude will take place at the Connecticut Audubon Society Center at Fairfield

2325 Burr Street, Fairfield, Saturday, Oct. 15, from 10:30 a.m. to noon.


Most species of woodpeckers are black and white with red on their heads, but why? Milan Bull,

senior director, science and conservation at The Connecticut Audubon Society will answer this

question and more in a presentation about the unique and fascinating world of woodpeckers.

Learn about their unusual adaptations—how they are built to peck, the purpose of zygodactyl

feet, and how they use their stiff, wire-like tails. Find out about their unique breeding biology —

they’re the only animal that uses a sounding board to mark territories. Following the

presentation, there will be a short guided walk in the Larsen Sanctuary to look at woodpeckers

and their identifying signs.


For this event the Center at Fairfield Nature Store will offer 10% off woodpecker seed and wild

bird feeders in the Nature Store.


For information about the woodpecker talk or to pre-register, call 203-259- 6305 ext. 109. Visit

www.ctaudubon.org/center-at- fairfied for additional program and event information.