On again. Off again.

How’s your New Year’s resolution going? There’s a good chance weight loss was on the top of the list. Statistically speaking, on any given day 84 million Americans are on a diet. So … are you “ON”? But in case you are struggling right now, remember … NOW is the perfect time to turn it around. Not tomorrow — tomorrow never comes. Right now. Mid bite. Push back from the table. Step away from the fridge. Put the fork down.

In other words, it doesn’t take a “new beginning” of some sort to jump back ON. You don’t need a “Monday after a holiday.” Don’t wait until “summer is over” or even until the “Wednesday morning after our meeting” arrives.

Don’t wait for anything. Right now. Back on track. Do it.

Each additional bite does count. Each additional calorie becomes pounds you’re going to have to deal with later. But most of all, with each additional forkful you are mentally digging in the wrong direction.

Seconds count … and thirds and fourths.

STOP. Remove the temptation. Get rid of it. Even if it costs you money by throwing it away. It’s what I call waste (in your trash can) … or waist (around your middle).

Write down what you’re going to have for the rest of the day. Try to work on that on again/off again mentality. Remember … you are always ON. Even when you slip up — you are still ON. This is your lifestyle — it’s who you are, what you do. So if at some point while living this new lifestyle, you have more than you’d like to eat, that doesn’t mean you’re OFF. It just means you made an unhealthy choice. Nothing more. So keep going with that new healthy lifestyle … all the way to goal.

Special note: JJ Ramberg of MSNBC’s Today Show and Your Business will be at the Kim Bensen Weight Loss Center and Kim’s Light Café, 405 Bridgeport Avenue, Shelton, on Monday, Jan. 28, until 3 p.m. to film a segment. Join us. Have a wonderful light lunch, and you might be on TV.