SIS hosts food drive for hungry students

SIS students load up the donations of food they collected over the past few weeks and pack them into their food pantry before distributing them to students in need. — Aaron Berkowitz


Shelton Intermediate School doesn’t play around when it comes to doing food drives.

With the holiday season in full swing, the intermediate school’s student council and student affairs teams decided to jump into action to help collect food for students whose families cannot afford meals this Thanksgiving.

The two groups of students have been collecting non-perishable items for the past few weeks to be donated to students’ families that have filled out an application.

Sean Martin, SIS vice president of student affairs, said the holiday season is the perfect time to give back, but not the only time people should be thinking about the less fortunate.

“A lot of people take what they have for granted, and now’s a perfect time to really reflect on the amount of people who either don’t have a home or family to share the holidays with,” said Sean.

He added that he recalls volunteering at the Spooner House with his family, bringing breakfast to those who were guests at the shelter and seeing the impact it had.

“They all had smiles on their faces and it made us feel good knowing that they had warm stuff in their belly during the wintertime, especially the kids,” said Sean.

Lia Fadiman, president of Student Council, said aside from Thanksgiving bringing up awkward political conversations, it also is a time to realize that the misfortune of not being able to afford a holiday meal can happen to anyone.


“It’s really easy to forget how lucky you are. If you have food, a house and people around you who care about you, you’re very fortunate,” said Lia. “A lot of people take what they have for granted, and now’s a perfect time to really reflect on the amount of people who either don’t have a home or family to share the holidays with.

“It’s important for people to remember who they are and where they came from, while also realizing that it could happen to anyone where you end up in a situation where you are in need. You’d want someone to help you.”

Vice President of Student Council Narmer Bazile said Thanksgiving is a time to relax, take a break from life’s stresses, be thankful for everything you have, and he joined the school’s effort because he wanted to take the opportunity to help his fellow classmates.

While some students celebrate the holidays by shopping with family or participating in a game of football while waiting for a meal, Shelton Intermediate School eighth grader Erieana Pappano said she and her mother bake cookies to donate to local homeless shelters.

“We bake around six or seven dozen trays of cookies. Maybe two or three are for our family, but the others we take to shelters in the New Haven and Bridgeport area.

Mother and I bake cookies. They drop a portion off to local homeless shelters around Bridgeport and New Haven. It physically and emotionally hurts me to see people in need. People sometimes assume that there’s more the person could be doing or ask, Why don’t they get a job, but many times the circumstances are out of their control. I want to do everything I can to help out the less fortunate.”

The school will be holding another food drive in April and will release details on how to donate as the starting date approaches.

For those interested in making a donation or volunteering at the Spooner House, Development Officer Kate Pipa said the best way is to stop by between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.