Connecticut Chef's Challenge 2015 (Photos)

The Lincoln Culinary Institute hosted the 5th annual Connecticut Chef's Challenge last month and the photos from the event are finally in! 8 chefs battled it out and prepared some of their best dishes for a panel of judges who ultimately decided who walked away with 1 of 4 titles. The chefs felt the heat in the kitchen as they were given 1 hour to prepare their dishes.

The competition was hosted by owner of Plum Luv Foods, Chef Plum. He has competed and been featured on several shows on networks such as ABC and the Food Network.

This years judges included finalist on Fox's Masterchef Chef Prince, identical twins with a passion for food Judy and Joy, and comedian Ken Tuccio. The judges had the chance to be in the kitchen while each of the chefs cooked.

Along with a night full of well-prepared cuisine, the event also featured a giveaway of prizes for the people in attendance and a photo booth where many people piled in to take funny photos.

Although she didn't take first place, Chef Carol Koty walked away with the People's Choice Award. She was proud of the dish she produced and said she was used to the high pressure situation they faced in this competition.

"You feel the pressure at certain points more than others but you can't stop moving. When you stop moving you're losing valuable time and none of us can afford that," said Chef Koty.

At the end of the night, the judges were faced with a tough decision, but selected Chef Adam Bedini as the victor. Bedini wowed the judges with his Italian scotch egg stuffed with prosciutto risotto and served with a shaved asparagus salad and a pancetta and chile agro dulce.