Binge and Repeat: Netflix’s ‘Murder Among the Mormons’ offers explosive story

Last year, Netflix gave viewers the bizarre and bonkers docuseries “Tiger King.” Now, they’ve generously provided viewers with “Murder Among the Mormons.”

“Murder Among the Mormons” is not nearly as insane as “Tiger King,” and it’s significantly shorter: three episodes unravel a story involving Mormonism, multiple bombings and a couple of document treasure hunters.

The series transports the audience to Salt Lake City in 1985 — when three bombings shook the city — and the ensuing investigation, telling the story through reenactments and interviews with investigators and people tied to the bombing victims.

It begins with an older gentleman dressed vaguely like Winston Churchill begging the off-camera interviewer not to be asked a particular question, then layers in archival news footage about an explosion, a mysterious document referred to as the Salamander Letter and footage of a second interviewee’s monologue on treasure hunting. That all happens within the first five minutes of the series.

“Murder Among the Mormons” revolves around researching, locating and selling rare or antique documents related to the Mormon church. Normally, that sounds boring, but viewers soon discover the bombings were connected to those involved in the collection of these documents, which makes the story considerably more interesting.

Sure, money is a motive for any murder, but here the documents are really only valued by collectors and the Mormon church. What makes them worth killing for? Instead of letting the viewer in on the mystery bomber, the series goes back and provides plenty of context about the discovery of the various documents and the ramifications they were having for the church.

While the investigation unfolds with a number of interesting characters, “Murder Among the Mormons” will captivate viewers with its unusual crime story.

“Murder Among the Mormons” is a limited series and is available on Netflix. The series is rated TV-14. (Viewers might also enjoy Netflix’s limited series “Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel.”)

Murder Among the Mormons

Seasons: One

Episodes: 3

Episode length: 50 minutes

TV rating: TV-14

Language: English

Similar series: Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel