HTCA eighth graders honored at pin ceremony

More than a month of delays did not dampen the celebration of Holy Trinity Catholic Academy’s pin ceremony honorees.

Holy Trinity Catholic Academy (HTCA) honored 15 eighth graders - Alexander Balko, Tatiana Bell, Jacob Bisset, Matthew Conelius, Nicolas Coppola, Emma Eschweiler, Brady Grinvalsky, Mia Koletsos, Gabrielle MacDaniel, Victoria Pecirep, Antonio Salerno, Kushal Singh, Aidan Tomlinson, Erin Wilson and Francesca Xhokola - with pins on Thursday, Jan. 16. All were present but Eschweiler, who was to receive the pin the next day.

The pins were first blessed by the Rev. Michael K. Jones, pastor of St. Lawrence Church. Then, after prayers, the pins were presented to each eighth grader individually by their specific kindergarten buddy. The ceremony closed with eighth graders reading prayers of petition, a request to God that asks him to fulfill a need.

“The ceremony was supposed to be done the first Monday of Advent to signify, as oldest members of the school, they are recognized as light, just as Advent is light,” said HTCA Head of School Lisa Lanni.

The pin ceremony was originally planned for the first day of Advent in December. Bad weather forced the event to be rescheduled to Dec. 11, which also turned out to be a snow day.

"These students will be given class pins to wear with pride to signify their roles as the oldest in the school and models for all the younger children to follow,” added Lanni. “This is a prayer service … with the focus on gifts and sharing gifts with others, which the hope for our eighth graders.”