Luke Cage has returned to our screens with more grit than audiences saw in the first season. The hero of Harlem returns for season two with more rage and fewer friends as he pushes away his loved ones.

The new season of Luke Cage picks up where Luke’s (Mike Colter) story was left off from the Defenders (this whole crossover thing is getting slightly out of hand, soon viewers are going to need a flow chart to remember which show each character originated from). Faced with new enemies seeking to claim Harlem, Luke seems to lose his sense of self, especially given the rift that arises between himself and Claire (Rosario Dawson). Without Claire’s guidance, Luke becomes more aggressive than he was before.

In addition to Luke’s amplified rage, viewers will observe that he hardly uses his innocent catch phrase, “Sweet Christmas” in the new season. Despite the darker tone, familial bonds are given more attention as one villain seeks revenge for what was done to his parents and another tries to hold on to the family legacy. Luke is also faced with dealing with his family issues after his father makes an attempt to reconnect with him.

What’s interesting about the new season of Luke Cage is how it provides the audience with an insight into the lives and backgrounds of Luke’s enemies and his few remaining friends instead of focusing on the titular hero.

Luke Cage is available on Netflix, with two seasons of hour-long episodes. Fans of Luke Cage might also be interested in Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and The Defenders as all the shows plots and characters become increasingly entangled.