My Family Recipe Takes to the Airwaves

For over three years now, the My Family Recipe series has invited writers to share their family’s most treasured dishes, bringing to life the histories, people, and emotions behind them. 87 recipes later, we’re turning its pages to a new chapter: the My Family Recipe podcast. In partnership with food radio station Heritage Radio Network, we're bringing your most-loved family recipes to the airwaves. The Sunday sauce one writer watched his mother make 900 times—but never wrote down. The butterscotch pie recipe a grandma carried with her through the war. And the hearty Polish soup with healing powers. All retold, with some histories expanded, others amplified by your comments, and some cooked live.

Of course, with family recipes, it’s never just about the dish (as much as we love recreating this lemon meringue pie). The dishes become symbolic of emotions, like grief and hope as Lisa Ruland explores in her essay on a very special chocolate cake; markers of cultural identity as Jenny Dorsey discovers when she contends with owning a wok for the first time at age 28; and tangible homages to people, like the staff of Chez Panisse that figured into Fanny Singer’s magical, unconventional childhood. They help us explore our layered histories, reveal much about the world we live in—and celebrate our shared and complex humanity.