From Instagram to TikTok, CT food reviewer David Milton goes viral

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Food reviewer David Milton of Hartford.

Food reviewer David Milton of Hartford.

Contributed by David Milton

Born and raised in Hartford, David Milton went from taking food pictures for fun on Instagram to going viral on TikTok. Milton would post pictures and videos of his food on social media and his followers would ask him, “Where can I get this at?”

A manager at a software company in Connecticut, he said at the time he started posting on Instagram around 2019, he would see people post what was on their plate but never where it came from. That's when he got the idea to post videos starting from the exterior of the eatery down to the food on his plate to help those find a place easier. 

"I would always take pictures and videos of new places I would go to around the state," he said. "I always hear people say, ‘There is nothing to do or eat in Connecticut’ and that is when I got the idea to post TikToks of my journey and showing the world what this state has to offer.”

Milton went viral on TikTok when he posted his quest to find to the best bacon, egg and cheese in the state. He tried Rosa's Cafe and Bakery in East Hartford, Country Cow in Fairfield, Billy D's in Shelton, Neils in Wallingford and Middletown and Take Five Cookery in Hartford. Although he did not say which one was the best in the state, he did say he can see why people recommended these places. It has been one year since Milton started his TikTok (@thedamtok) and since then he has amassed a total of 37.6K followers and 450k total likes on his videos. 

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"I have done videos with Chef Van Hurd from Hell's Kitchen, reviewed bakeries in the state by celebrity bakers and videos for Dunkin Donuts," he said.

When doing a review, Milton does not go by the "normal 1-10 scale system." Instead, he uses the phrase "best" in Connecticut. He said he likes to highlight places he finds to be “top tier” as well as spots people recommend.

"I have not given a bad review and try not to," he said. "I work in the industry and have seen the struggles these places go through so I would rather bring light."

Milton has also done reviews around the country.  He said some sponsorships have opened doors for him like his current one with McDonald's for Space Jam and MGM in Springfield and Las Vegas. He has visited restaurants in Massachusetts, New York, Illinois and Georgia. He also has appeared on NBC CT Live with Taylor Kinzler, sharing upcoming food events and restaurant openings during the summer.

"I try to hold it down for the East coast," he joked. "Even though I sometimes get confused for Daym Drops."

Daym Drops is a food reviewer who started on YouTube in 2012 and now an Emmy nominated for his Netflix show, "Fresh, Fried & Crispy," which debuted in June 2021. Milton said he often gets mistaken for Daym Drops and has connected with him in person and on social media.

"We have not collaborated but you never know what the future hold," he said.

To Milton, being a content creator has been fun, and he enjoys being able to help restaurants with what he does. There is no end goal but he said he hopes to keep doing this for as long as possible.