Bridgeport: Man shot 6 times on Halloween has died, cops say

BRIDGEPORT — A 28-year-old man who received six gunshot wounds Halloween night has died, police say.

The victim was identified as David Belle and he died at St. Vincent’s Medical Center Tuesday night. After he was shot, police and family members were hopeful that he would pull through. He underwent extensive surgeries; his spleen, a kidney and part of his liver were removed, police said.

In that Halloween shooting incident, a 41-year-old woman died, a victim who wasn’t the intended target, detectives said. She was identified as Myoshi Bagley, and she was the mother of two.

Police Chief Armando Perez said earlier that detectives are sifting through clues and they’re hoping that an arrest will be made soon. The chief said that video footage is aiding investigators in their hunt for who’s responsible.

This was the eighth homicide in Bridgeport so far this year.