Lake Casa Blanca now full, Texas Parks and Wildlife reports

Photo of Louis San Miguel


The torrential rain that occurred over the weekend might have closed schools and caused flooding throughout the Gateway City, but an unintended benefit to Laredo's local lake was also seen, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife department.

The department reports that due to the downpours, Lake Casa Blanca is now full, and appears nearly ready for local families looking for a summer getaway.

The social media post went viral on Tuesday afternoon, with over 1,000 reactions, 313 comments and nearly 400 shares as of early Tuesday evening. 

Recently, the lake had fallen victim to the drought affecting Texas and surrounding areas. As recently as March, the department reported low lake levels, informing the public that their boat ramp may not be suitable for launching watercraft. 

And while the photo the department shared looks picturesque, they urged caution to visitors at the lake, "due to debris that washed into the lake from the creeks."

According to the department, more water is expected to flow into the lake this week from rains in their watershed area.