'A friend for life': Family grateful after postal worker helps save Seymour man's life

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Edward Bomba and his wife, Lisa, of Seymour.

Edward Bomba and his wife, Lisa, of Seymour.

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SEYMOUR — Without the actions of a Seymour postal worker, town resident Edward Bomba might not be here today.

But he is, and his family is thankful.

Bomba’s wife, Lisa Bomba, expressed her gratitude to Robert Dillon, postmaster in Seymour, on Friday for having helped save her husband’s life last week.

Bomba said her husband, a town employee, was flagging traffic last Wednesday morning as crews patched asphalt.

Dillon came through to deliver mail, then turned to leave, waving to her husband. But, having forgotten to drop off a package, he returned.

“He delivered the package, turned, and my husband was on the ground,” said Bomba.

Edward Bomba was suffering from a ventricular fibrillation, a life-threatening condition in which the lower chambers of the heart stop functioning properly, Lisa Bomba said.

Dillon began performing CPR, keeping Bomba’s blood flowing until paramedics arrived to provide further care and bring him to the hospital, Lisa Bomba said.

Doctors told her that her husband’s condition was extremely grave; but after a few days on life support, he was been able to return home.

“He’s fine,” Lisa Bomba said. “He’s home and except for being tired, he’s fine.”

She expressed her gratitude to Dillon Friday. They had been in touch while Edward was in the hospital; he had been pretty shaken up after the incident, believing Edward wasn’t going to make it.

But now, they’re planning to be friends.

“We are so blessed and so thankful,” said Lisa Bomba. “We have now have a friend for life.”

She said she hopes to hold a ceremony honoring Dillon at the Seymour Post Office in the near future.