A good ending to the water rescue response in Shelton

The possible water rescue call earlier today in Shelton ended up being a plastic containment boom that was spotted floating down the Housatonic River.

A report was received from a resident of Victory Street, which runs along the river, that there was a yellow-colored plastic item in the river on Monday, May 4. The resident feared it might be an overturned raft or boat.

Firefighters from Shelton’s Echo Hose and Pine Rock Park fire companies then responded to the nearby city-owned Sunnyside Board Launch, with three boats — Marine units 1, 2 and 4, according to Shelton Fire Chief Fran Jones.

Firefighters reached the yellow tube-like item in the water and found it was an oil containment boom, which are the floating rubber devices used to control oil or other substances in the water.

Brought back to shore

The containment boom was picked up and brought back to shore for proper disposal, Jones said.

It is unclear where the containment boom may have originated from in the river.

Victory Street is off River Road (Route 110) via Jordan Avenue or Wakeley Street, in the vicinity of the Latex Foam factory.