Plumb Memorial Library’s makeover has been continuing at a fast pace — most recently with the completion of the children’s department’s renovations.

Library patrons have also seen the complete renovation of the main meeting room, installation of a new elevator, and fresh paint and new floors in the lower level lobby. Next on the to-do list is remodeling the bathrooms, which will include making them ADA compliant.

The Board of Aldermen, in its meeting Feb. 13, approved $9,500 — with the funds coming from the state’s Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP) — to the cover the renovation costs.

Other business

The aldermen also approved $175,000 for a dump truck with plow for the city’s Public Works Department. The funding will come from aldermanic bonding.

The board voted to authorize three over-expenditures and three transfers, all of which were recommended by the Board of Aldermen’s Finance Committee last month. The board voted to transfer $500 and $1,300 from the contingency general fund to the fireworks display account and the outside agency Council of Government’s account, respectively.

The board then voted to approve over-expenditures of $1,462 in the substance testing account (to cover drug tests for the city’s bus drivers); $705 in the election’s certification fees account; and $549 in the miscellaneous client analysis/bank charges account.

The Board of Aldermen approved payment of $3,630 to city corporation counsel Teodosio Stanek LLC and $297 to assistant corporation counsel Thomas Cotter for legal services dated Jan. 30.