Anglace on approved budget: Shelton is ‘the envy of most CT municipalities’

The following statement was made by Board of Aldermen President John Anglace before the aldermen’s May 28 vote approving a city budget for fiscal year 2015-16:

“The Board of Aldermen wishes to thank all city departments, department heads, the mayor, the Board of Apportionment and Taxation, the [city] finance director, his staff, the public, and many others for their input into the 2015-16 budget process.

This budget demonstrates our ability to work in the best interest of Shelton’s citizens and taxpayers. This spending and taxation plan will manage our city well and give our citizens one of the most affordable tax rates in Connecticut, without raising taxes.

This budget also adds stability to our business community, allowing them to grow and hopefully create much needed jobs. And it helps Shelton families manage their living expenses.

With the continuation of a dismal economy, especially in Connecticut, Shelton has done well to experience grand list growth of approximately 0.8%. We continue to be the envy of most Connecticut municipalities and the Connecticut city of investment choice.”

Applauds the education system

“The Board of Aldermen applauds our Board of Education, their administrators, teachers and support staff for the excellent education product they continue to turn out, year after year.

However, we have unanswered questions about some aspects of Board of Education spending and are committed to partnering with our education colleagues in the weeks ahead to examine a number of important spending issues. I will be contacting the chairman of the Board of Education to set up a joint meeting.

We have provided an education product second to none. Everyone has a stake in providing a good education service at an affordable price.
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The Board of Aldermen has every confidence that working together with the Board of Education, the mayor, and the [school] superintendent we can build on the successes of the past.

The Board of Aldermen has indicated that it would be receptive to Board of Education capital spending up to $350,000, similar to the process followed last year.

I thank everyone for their patience and understanding throughout the budget process.”

The Board of Aldermen approved a $120.76 million budget that keeps the tax rate unchanged in the new fiscal year, which begins July 1. Alderman John Anglace is a Republican who represents the Third Ward.