Anything Goes Fitness, LLC, located at 216 Leavenworth Rd. (in the Adam's plaza) held its grand opening on Friday Oct. 9  with owners David Telesco, Jolene Messere. Chamber President, Bill Purcell was also present.

Anything Goes Fitness was created with the idea that anyone can reach optimal health regardless of age, illness or injury. They are dedicated to finding a program that will work for your life and lifestyle. Our semi private facility means that you will get the one on one attention that you need to ensure an effective and safe workout under the supervision of a certified personal trainer. At Anything Goes Fitness there is a certified Nutrition coach on staff that will help you create those healthy lifestyle changes whether it be learning when to eat, what to eat, or how to shop and read nutrition labels. They are dedicated to your success and results.

In addition to personal training and nutrition coaching they offer a variety of high and low impact small group classes that will help to keep your workouts fresh and energized. Classes range from Barre classes (Pilates Yoga and Ballet fused together) to Strength training and kickboxing, in addition there are a variety of boxing classes as well as pilates mat and reformer classes.

David and Jolene are dedicated to giving back to the community and have both had long and challenging journeys with the own health and fitness. They understand that the quality of your health greatly impacts the quality of your life.

"I have always felt that the one driving trait that makes living in the Valley so great is that we are a community. I have had the opportunity to work for some great business in the valley and have always enjoyed giving back in any way. Now I am excited to be able to open my own business where I can help our community even more, I can help make them healthy," said Messere.