Apartments coming to former Shelton Chinese restaurant site

SHELTON — Plans are one step closer to reality for construction of an apartment building on the Old Bridgeport Avenue property where previous owners had proposed opening a speakeasy named Hush.

The Planning and Zoning Commission, at its meeting Tuesday, asked zoning staff to prepare a favorable resolution for developer James Blakeman’s request for a major modification to the Planned Development District on the property — listed as 309 Old Bridgeport Ave.

The commission will vote on this resolution at a future meeting. If approved, Blakeman’s plans call for construction of a building with 30 apartments and onsite parking.

The apartment building will match Brookview Apartments, the structure already in place at 305 Old Bridgeport Ave. Blakeman called his latest plans phase two, and the new building, as presently proposed, would be a carbon copy of that building, which was finished two years ago.

“There’s a big demand for apartments right now in the city,” said Blakeman, adding that once apartments open in any of his buildings, they are immediately filled.

Blakeman, a lifelong Shelton resident, has been involved in numerous construction projects in the area. Besides the already completed Brookview Apartments, Blakeman has also finished Vista Apartments I on Howe Avenue and is nearing completion of the neighboring sister project, Vista Apartments II.

According to the plans, all the apartments in the proposed Brookview Apartments will be one bedroom, half with home offices.

The new construction would replace the two-story structure and paving presently on the site.

Currently, the site is accessed from Sunwood Drive off Old Bridgeport Avenue. The plans state that a new driveway entrance into the proposed off-street parking area will be created to be accessed from Sunwood Drive.

The site, former home of Hunan Pan Restaurant, was the focus of a contentious application with the Planning and Zoning Commission. The commission denied the former owners’ plan to open a speakeasy, a decision which the owners appealed. The appeal was denied by a judge.