Shelton school board approves more spectators at home games

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The Shelton Board of Education offices.

The Shelton Board of Education offices.

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SHELTON — High school athletes will be seeing more support on the sidelines.

The Board of Education at a special meeting Tuesday voted to approve four tickets per participant for outdoor events and two tickets per participant for indoor events.

Participant covers athlete, cheerleaders and band members officially at the event.

Board members also approved allowing an additional 25 tickets be made available for students with distribution determined by the athletic director.

Before Tuesday’s vote, only two people per senior athlete was allowed at home games.

“We want the message to be clear to our parents — we are offering them an opportunity to see their children here in Shelton,” Athletic Director John Niski said. “We’re trying to keep our kids safe. The whole point of everything is to keep our kids safe.”

Interim Superintendent Beth Smith said those attending indoor or outdoor events are required to wear face masks, social distance, present a photo ID and sign a waiver before entrance to the field.

No visiting team spectators will be allowed.

There will be four staffers on site for games — two security guards and two site managers to observe that those attending are following the mask and distance guidelines.

Niski also reminded residents they cannot attend away athletic games. Niski said this has become an issue, as “several of our parents have been thrown out of away game locations. They have all been told they cannot go to away games, but they show up anyways.”

Niski said parents and Finn supporters of all ages can watch the games on the Shelton High Sports Network. Last week, he said, more than 300 people watched a boys’ soccer game, 366 watched a girls’ soccer game Friday and more than 250 people watched a recent junior varsity volleyball game.

“People are taking advantage of watching games live on the network,” Niski added.