BOE hoping city covers capital requests

The Board of Education is not only seeking a 2020-21 fiscal year budget with a 3.19 percent increase but also some financial help in the city budget for capital items.

The Board of Education, at a special meeting March 11, voted unanimously to approve a $75,083,945 budget — an increase of $2,318,945 — which includes hiring a new teacher, presumably for the pre-K program, and $90,000 for curriculum writing costs while maintaining all other present services.

Overall, for the 2020-21 fiscal year, the Board of Education has prepared its budget with the hope that the city would cover more than $760,000 in capital costs related to proposed technology, equipment and curriculum purchases.

In its approval, the board is seeking the city assist in providing funding in its budget for certain large curricular purchases — K-4 social studies books and materials, high school science, various University of Bridgeport courses offered at Shelton High, and various advanced placement courses — totaling $145,050.

The Board of Education is asking that the city help fund certain capital equipment requests for several schools, including Shelton Intermediate School cafeteria tables as well as cafeteria tables and risers at Elizabeth Shelton School, totaling $76,898.

For technology, the board is seeking some $539,721 from the city for purchases of Chromebooks to complete 1-to-1 programs for grades 5 to 12, replacement of Apple Mac computers used by Gael Winds, and teachers’ Chromebooks at Shelton Intermediate and Perry Hill schools.

“It is recommended that these technology items be considered for a multiyear financing through a lease or bonding,” said the Board of Education budget narrative provided to the city. “The projected useful life of these devices is five years.”