‘Balloon float’ to indicate height of possible new cell tower in Shelton

A “balloon float” of two possible AT&T cell-phone tower locations on Highland Golf Club in Shelton will take place from about 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 12.

If weather should be a factor, the balloon test will take place during the same time period on Thursday, Feb. 13.

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Operating as New Cingular Wireless PCS, AT&T may file an application to build a cell tower in one of two locations on golf course land — off Perry Hill Road near Walnut Avenue (Site A), or at the southern end of Walnut Avenue (Site B).

Balloons will be 120 feet in air

Both balloons will be approximately 120 feet above grade level, which would be the proposed height of the cell tower.

“Proposed Site A is located in the northwest portion of the golf course property,” according to an AT&T notice on the balloon float. “Proposed Site B is located in the southern part of the golf course to the east of the 10th tee box.”

The balloon floats are intended to give residents and officials an indication of how visible the cell towers would be at the locations.

AT&T sent notices to some neighbors and interested parties to inform them of the balloon test, and the office of Mayor Mark Lauretti has sent notices to additional neighbors.

Many opposed to Site A

At a recent informational meeting at Shelton City Hall held by AT&T on the possible sites, some people spoke out against putting the towers in residential areas.

Most of the opposition has centered on Site A, which is near many more homes than Site B.

Cell tower applications are handled by the Connecticut Siting Council and do not need local zoning or wetlands approval.

If AT&T should make a formal application for one of the locations, the Connecticut Siting Council would hold a formal public hearing in Shelton as part of that approval process.