Bear sighting

Shelton Police were notified by residents from Sinsabaugh Heights, Cynthia Lane, Country Walk Condominiums, and Blacks Hill Road throughout the morning and early afternoon hours of a reported black bear sighting.

When officers arrived, they said the bear had already left the area.

John Simonetti of 130 Mil Street also reported that the bear had been in his yard that morning.

Wildlife experts say residents should always take certain precautions to lessen the chances of black bear activity occurring within their neighborhoods. Securing trash containers and placing them curbside as close to pick-up time as possible, washing or spraying trash containers with a disinfectant in order to eliminate food odors, removing bird feeders, and if household pets are fed outdoors, removing the bowls and food soon after feeding are all ways of doing so.

This is not the first bear sighting we have had in Shelton this year. Here is a link to our other story.