Beavers' dam offers Shelton walkers quite a view

SHELTON - Walkers along Boehm Pond trail have the chance to see quite the construction project.

A colony of beavers has dammed Boehm Brook just before it flows under Winthrop Woods Road, which has resulted in the water level rising an estimated four feet, according to Bill Dyer, head of the Shelton Trails Committee. Boehm Pond, which had been less than an acre in size, is now 6 acres.

“The colony has only been there about a year, and they continue to add to the structure,” Dyer said. “Fortunately, there is no impact on private property.”

Dyer said there are many small trees that have been cut by the beavers - and many more than are being cut. The pond now covers essentially all the light blue formally swampy area north of Winthrop Wood Road.

The beavers’ work is protected, according to Dyer, as per state law regarding beavers, which says that their dams cannot be destroyed and the animals relocated unless the dam results in significant property damage, including septic system flooding.

“The flooding will result in many trees dying, which could add to the dam,” Dyer said. “And with some really cold weather, Shelton may have a shallow skating pond.”