Bill would end unsolicited flyers distribution

State Reps. Ben McGorty and Joe Gresko are working together to pass legislation, H.B. 5092, this session that would prohibit the distribution of unsolicited marketing flyers to homes. The goal of the proposed legislation is stop littering and to protect the environment.
Stratford First District Town Councilman Christopher Pia has been working locally on an already existing town ordinance that would further enforce littering as it pertains to unsolicited marketing flyers. The ordinance passed Stratford's Ordinance Committee unanimously in January and will be back before the council this month.
“"I want to thank Councilman Pia for bringing this issue to us. I think we all get frustrated with unnecessary and unsolicited marketing flyers left at our house,” said McGorty. “These unsolicited flyers are not just annoying but they hurt our environment."
“It strikes me as sound environmental policy,” said Gresko. “Unsolicited flyers are at best a nuisance — but in reality, they end up in the trash, as litter on your lawn or even in Long Island Sound. The last thing we need is more litter and more trash.”
Pia thanked McGorty and Gresko for bringing this bill forward.
“I am proud that we started the process of spearheading this in Stratford and it would be great to see this done statewide,” said Pia. “This is a logical approach to keeping our towns clean and further protecting the environment.”
The bill now will await action in the Environment Committee.