Bridgeport Avenue section being widened for new apartment complex in Shelton

Drivers should expect delays on a section of Bridgeport Avenue as the road is widened due to the construction of a large apartment complex. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

The road work is anticipated to take about two weeks to complete, and began on Thursday, June 4. Construction-related activity is occurring during daytime hours.

The section of Bridgeport Avenue is in the vicinity of Bertucci’s restaurant to the Plaza Diner, and the work is taking place on the west side of the road (the opposite side of the Route 8 highway). It is in front of the United Illuminating property, where UI once had an operations center.

The 228-unit Talbot Apartments complex is being built across the street on a 13-acre parcel, at 740 Bridgeport Ave., between Bridgeport Avenue and Route 8.

The apartment complex site generally is not visible from Bridgeport Avenue due to topography and because it is far off the road.

The developer also is working on the driveway that will connect the complex to Bridgeport Avenue. The driveway is just north of the former Planet Fitness building.

Work required by the DOT

Tom Albright, senior project manager for Continental Properties, the developer, said the road improvements have been required by the state Department of Transportation (DOT).

Bridgeport Avenue is a state road (and in the old days, before the limited-access highway was built, was the two-lane Route 8).

The road improvements will include at least one extra turn lane, to reduce traffic congestion when people are pulling in and out of the apartment complex. There will not be a new traffic light.

In addition, a retaining wall will be constructed on the west side of the road near where Bridgeport Avenue is to be widened, due to the existence of a steep hill on that side of the road.

Albright said all the needed road work will be done in one phase, based on DOT standard procedure and requirements. “We’ll be doing it all at once,” he said.

Shelton police officers have been placed at both ends of the construction site during work hours, along with orange traffic cones, and traffic is occasionally delayed by construction activity. At this early stage, that mostly involves major tree and brush removal.

Project is progressing

Albright said the Talbot Apartments complex project is progressing well, with an expected opening in the spring of 2016.

“The project is coming along very well,” Albright said on late Thursday. “Working with everyone in town has been great.”

Based on zoning approval, the complex will include six residential buildings up to 60-feet in height, plus a clubhouse. There will be 457 parking spaces.

Being promoted as an “upscale” residential rental community, the parcel is between PerkinElmer and the Fairchild Heights mobile home community, backing up to Route 8.

A thin strip of land with a driveway will connect the apartment complex to Bridgeport Avenue.

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