Tips, video and confession led to arrests in Bridgeport double-homicide at gas station, warrants show

Bridgeport police said video footage, include this image of the suspects fleeing on a scooter, helped lead to three arrests in a double-homicide at a local gas station over the summer.

Bridgeport police said video footage, include this image of the suspects fleeing on a scooter, helped lead to three arrests in a double-homicide at a local gas station over the summer.

Bridgeport Police Department / Contributed Photo

BRIDGEPORT — Everton Brooks knew something was wrong when an unknown, masked man approached him and Jahmir Daniel on July 10. 

The man told Brooks and Daniel that Kazzmaire Dorsey, 18, was at a gas station across the street. Unable to explain why, Brooks said he drove a white scooter from a park on Fairfield Avenue toward the Atlas Gas Station where several people gathered with their ATVs and dirt bikes for a meet-up. Daniel then pointed his gun directly at Dorsey and opened fire, according to Brooks' confession to police and surveillance footage in his arrest warrant. 

"I hate that day," Brooks told police, according to the warrant. 

Dorsey was shot multiple times in his torso and taken to St. Vincent's Hospital. He never regained consciousness and died from his injuries on July 22. Another man, 32-year-old Ramon Peguero, was shot in his torso by a stray bullet. An ambulance took Peguero to Bridgeport Hospital where he was pronounced dead, the warrant said. 

Three Bridgeport men have been charged in connection with the fatal shooting. Daniel, 18, and Jack Vaz, 19, who police say helped hide the scooter in a wooded area behind a local library, were arrested in August, while investigators charged the scooter's alleged driver, 19-year-old Brooks, last Wednesday after his confession, according to the warrant for his arrest. 

Vaz was released Sept. 22 after posting a $200,000 bond, according to court records. Daniel and Brooks remain in custody

During the investigation, detectives discovered that Daniel sent threatening messages to Dorsey weeks before the shooting, according to the warrant. On June 22, Daniel said Dorsey was lucky he didn't have a "pole," which is slang for a gun, and taunted him to "come play since u tuff [sic]," according to the arrest warrants for Daniel, Brooks and Vaz. 

Daniel also sent Dorsey several threatening and taunting audio messages throughout the argument, the warrants show. He mentioned a firearm again after telling Dorsey in a message "I'll come to you dolo just me nd my gun [sic]," the warrants said. 

Surveillance footage from the gas station showed the homicides took place in less than two minutes. At 4:53 p.m., Dorsey and another man, wearing dark-coloring clothing and ski masks, could be seen walking from the park to the gas station. The two men approached an unidentified driver and pushed him off his blue dirt bike, the video shows. Dorsey threw a punch at the driver and got on the bike, according to the warrants. 

As Dorsey started to drive off, the white scooter — with Brooks and Daniel — could be seen coming from the park and driving toward Dorsey. Daniel fired the gun multiple times and the scooter fled west on Fairfield Avenue at 4:54 p.m., the warrant stated. Police collected 10 shell casings from the scene, the warrants said. 

The next day, the police department released part of the video footage to the public in hopes of identifying the suspects and witnesses to the homicides. A citizen called police, saying they saw the scooter on the night of the incident, according to the warrants. 

According to the citizen's interview with police, a scooter followed by a white SUV pulled into the parking lot of the North Branch Library on Madison Avenue around 10:30 p.m. on July 10. The scooter drove up a path to a wooded area behind the library while the SUV stayed parked, according to the warrant. About 10 minutes later, the SUV honked its horn and the man returned without the scooter, got into the vehicle and left, the warrant stated. 

Police went to the library and found the white scooter discarded off a walking trail in the woods. Upon further investigation, law enforcement discovered the scooter had been reported stolen out of Fairfield the day before the homicide, the warrants said. 

Detectives then looked for additional surveillance footage near the library and, through multiple videos from home security systems, identified the white SUV as a Nissan Juke with a license plate from a different car, the warrants stated. Officers examined footage from city-owned cameras on the day of the homicide and tracked the vehicle back to a home on Hurd Avenue, according to the warrants. 

Police went to the home on July 16 and the owner of the Nissan told police her two sons, one of whom was Vaz, had access to her vehicle, the warrants stated. When Vaz spoke to police, he said he did not remember where he drove to on July 10 and was "extremely uncooperative and reluctant to answer any routine questions asked by detectives," according to his warrant. 

Investigators noted in the warrant that Vaz is a suspect in several open shooting cases in Bridgeport. In one incident, Vaz is a suspect in the shooting of a rival gang member associated with the North End, his warrant said. 

According to the warrant, Dorsey had "strong ties to the North End." 

About 10 days after the homicides, a state police lieutenant with the Gang Task Force provided a key tip in the investigation, according to the warrants. 

Through "source information," the lieutenant heard "Daniel was bragging about the homicide on social media outlets," according to the warrants. When Bridgeport detectives went to Daniel's Facebook page, though, it appeared to have been deactivated. 

The tip prompted police to review city cameras and home security systems near Daniel's residence. Footage showed Daniel and Brooks in Daniel's backyard putting gas in the white scooter. The two men — wearing the same clothing as the suspects in the gas station video footage — left the home on the scooter and police tracked the suspects traveling "almost directly to the scene of the homicide," the warrants said. 

Further footage showed the scooter fleeing the scene of the crime and returning to Daniel's home on Cleveland Avenue at 4:58 p.m., the warrants stated. Brooks, who was driving the scooter, can be seen running into the house as Daniel attempts "to hide the scooter out of view," the warrants said. 

After changing their clothes, the two men walked to a home on Jackson Avenue. The Nissan Juke pulled up around 6:35 p.m. and Vaz, Daniel and Brooks got into the SUV. The Nissan first stopped at Daniel's house on Cleveland Avenue, where Brooks retrieved a black plastic bag, the warrants stated. The three then went to the North End of the city to throw the bag and its contents into a dumpster, according to their warrants.

When asked about the bag, Brooks said, "Daniel instructed him to take his garbage out and he was not fully aware of the contents inside the bag," according to his warrant. 

Around 9:40 p.m., the Nissan returned to Daniel's home and the group used jumper cables to start the white scooter. Both the scooter and Nissan then drove away to hide the scooter behind the library, the warrants said. 

As part of the investigation, detectives also consulted with a Federal Bureau of Investigations agent who reviewed Daniel's cellphone records. The  records on July 10 were "consistent with the suspects captured on the surveillance video," placing Daniel at the scene of the homicide when it occurred as well as at the library where the scooter was dumped, the warrants stated. Phone records also showed Daniel spoke with Vaz within an hour after the homicide, according to their warrants. 

On Aug. 10, police charged Daniel and Vaz in connection with the homicides.

Daniel was charged with murder with special circumstances, two counts of murder, carrying a pistol without a permit, criminal possession of a firearm and third-degree larceny. Investigators spoke to Daniel and his attorney before the arrest. Daniel "did not deny any involvement and chose to not comment," police noted in his warrant.

Vaz was charged with second-degree hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence. 

Weeks later, on Sept. 19, investigators received a tip that Brooks was driving the scooter when the homicide occurred, according to his warrant. 

Investigators went to Brooks' home the next day. He initially denied any involvement, but he confessed once investigators said they had surveillance footage connected with the incident, his warrant said.

Brooks told investigators that on July 10, he and Daniel drove the scooter from Daniel's home to the city's West Side to meet up with a pack of ATV riders that afternoon. The two stopped at the nearby park on Fairfield Avenue where he and Daniel "were approached by an unknown masked man" who informed them that Dorsey was at the gas station, according to his warrant. 

"He knew that something was going to go wrong," police said in the warrant. Brooks drove the scooter, with Daniel in the back, toward Dorsey and heard Daniel firing off the gun, the warrants stated. Daniel then told Brooks to "keep going" and he drove home, according to his warrant. 

Brooks told investigators he discarded his cellphone after the homicide, the warrant said. 

"During the interview, Brooks told investigators he knew this day would come when police would confront him about his involvement in the homicide," according to his warrant. 

Daniel and Brooks are each being held on a $5 million bond. Daniel is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday in state Superior Court in Bridgeport. Brooks will be arraigned at the same courthouse on Oct. 10, court records show. 

Vaz has a pretrial hearing set for Nov. 3.