CONSUMER ALERT: Certain Kraft Mac & Cheese boxed dinners being recalled

Kraft is recalling some of its popular macaroni-and-cheese boxed dinners, a staple of many a household — especially those with children.

On March 17, Kraft Foods Group announced is was voluntarily recalling about 242,000 cases of select code dates and manufacturing codes of the Original flavor of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner because of the possibility that some boxes may contain small pieces of metal.

That involves about 6.5 million individual packages.

The recalled product is limited to the 7.25-ounce size of the Original flavor of boxed dinner with the "Best When Used By" dates of Sept. 18, 2015 through Oct. 11, 2015, with the code "C2" directly below the date on each individual box.

The "C2" refers to a specific production line on which the affected product was made.

Some of these products have also been packed in multi-pack units that have a range of different code dates and manufacturing codes on the external packaging (box or shrink-wrap), depending on the package configuration (see table below).

Packaging included in recall

The products being recalled were shipped to customers in the United States and several other countries, but not to Canada. The affected dates of this product were sold in only these four configurations:

— 7.25-ounce box, Original flavor

— 3-pack box of those 7.25-ounce boxes, Original flavor

— 4-pack shrink-wrap of those 7.25-ounce boxes, Original flavor

— 5-pack shrink-wrap of those 7.25-ounce boxes, Original flavor

No other sizes, varieties or pasta shapes, and no other packaging configurations, are included in the recall. And no products with manufacturing codes other than "C2" below the code date on the individual box are included in the recall.

Have received eight complaints

Kraft has received eight consumer contacts about this product from the impacted line within this range of code dates and no injuries have been reported.

“We deeply regret this situation and apologize to any consumers we have disappointed,” Kraft said in a press release.

Consumers who purchased this product should not eat it. They should return it to the store where purchased for an exchange or full refund.

Consumers also can contact Kraft Foods Consumer Relations at 800-816-9432 from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. for a full refund.

For more specifics on the recall, including specific UPC code numbers to look for on boxes, click below: