CONSUMER ALERT: Reports of tainted gasoline being sold in the state

The Connecticut Better Business Bureau (BBB) is receiving calls and complaints from consumers who say they had problems with their vehicles after filling-up their tanks at a Hartford gas station with what they believe is tainted gasoline.

In some cases, gasoline containing ethanol — which is sold in many states including Connecticut — may contain traces of water after prolonged storage, although BBB has not been informed of the composition of the suspected contaminant.

Stalling, hesitation, starting troubles

The symptoms of tainted gasoline include stalling, hesitation and difficulty starting the engine. In some cases, the vehicle won't start at all. The problem can be fixed by a mechanic by flushing the fuel.

The first of three complaints was filed Feb. 24, and the BBB continues to receive calls from consumers who say they believe their vehicles were similarly affected.

BBB recommends consumers who think they filled-up with contaminated gasoline keep their receipts and file a complaint with the state Better Business Bureau at