CT MINOR PARTIES: What's the biggest party after Democrats and Republicans?

After unaffiliated voters, Democrats and Republicans, what political party has the most registered members in Connecticut?

The Independent Party, which often cross-endorses Republican candidates to give them two lines on the ballot.

And while its liberal counterpart, the Working Families Party, may be considered a more powerful force on Election Day, there are only 290 people in the state registered as Working Families Party members.

Working Families usually cross-endorses Democrats, and infamously provided the margin of victory for Democrat Dannel P. Malloy over Republican Tom Foley in the close 2010 gubernatorial contest.

Greens and Libertarians

Even the ultra-liberal Green Party’s registration pales compared to the conservative-leaning Independent Party, with 1,664 registered Greens in Connecticut.

The Libertarians have the Greens beat, but not by much, with 1,754 Libertarian Party members.

The Reform Party, a la Ross Perot, still exists as a force in the minds of 10 voters in Connecticut.

Best party names

The best political party name in Connecticut? Without a doubt, it’s the Guilty Party. And it’s literally a party of one. Other clever names: U-it (one member), Swing (one member), and Open (eight members).

And we’re still wondering who the one person is that is still registered under A Connecticut Party, the party that ex-Republican Lowell P. Weicker Jr. created for his successful 1990 independent run for governor.

Is it Weicker himself? Or is Weicker registered to vote in northern Virginia these days?

(Weicker wanted the party’s name to begin with the word “A” to guarantee it the top independent line at the time.)

The state breakdown

The state has 1,949,205 registered voters. Here is a breakdown of party registrations in Connecticut, as released by the Secretary of the State’s Office on Oct. 21:

Unaffiliated — 812,986

Democratic — 710,579

Republican — 405,795

Independent — 15,927

Libertarian — 1,754

Green — 1,664

Working Families — 290

We The People — 44

Winsted Independent — 37

A Sentinel Party — 23

Friends of Saybrook — 13

Independence — 13

Chatham Party — 10

Reform — 10

Independence For Montville — 8

Open — 8

Spring Glen Party — 8

Milford Independent Party — 6

U-It — 6

Realistic Balance — 4

A Brookfield Party — 3

Enfield Taxpayers Party — 2

Pro-Bethel — 2

A Connecticut Party — 1

Guilty — 1

Independent Choice — 1

Norwich for Change — 1

South Windsor Citizens — 1

Swing — 1

The Hampton Party — 1

U/i — 1

Unaffiliated (Conservative) — 1

A Better Future — 2

Canterbury First — 2