CURRENT TEMPS: Guess where it's 74 and sunny today? (Hint: Not Shelton!)

It is cold outside in Shelton. As of 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 14, it’s 17 degrees and snow is falling, according to Today’s high should be about 21 degrees.

How does that compare to the temperature in some other spots in the United States? Here are the predicted highs for today in other locations, according to

Burlington, Vt.:  13 degrees  (snow later)

Boston:  25 degrees  (snow)

Buffalo, N.Y.:  21 degrees  (snow)

Charlotte, N.C.:  44 degrees  (rain)

Chicago:  31 degrees  (snow)

Dallas:  43 degrees  (cloudy)

Denver:  45 degrees  (some clouds)

Las Vegas:  57 degrees  (sunny)

Los Angeles:  74 degrees  (sunny)

Minneapolis:  14 degrees  (some snow)

Miami:  82 degrees  (some rain)

Philadelphia:  34 degrees  (snow)

Phoenix:  69 degrees  (sunny)

St. Louis:  36 degrees  (some snow)

Seattle:  47 degrees  (cloudy)