Census: Fairfield County is fastest growing county in CT

Fairfield County was the fastest growing county in Connecticut between July 1, 2013, and July 1, 2014, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. During that 12-month period, Fairfield County added 3,319 residents — for a 0.4% growth rate.

Fairfield County is the most populous county in Connecticut, with 945,438 residents, followed by Hartford County with 897,985 residents and New Haven County with 861,277 residents.

Shelton is in Fairfield County, but borders New Haven County (the Housatonic River separates the two counties in this area, so Derby, Milford, Seymour, etc. are in New Haven County).

Connecticut has eight counties. In addition to Fairfield, Hartford and New Haven, they are (with 2013 estimated populations):

— New London  (274,150)

— Litchfield  (186, 924)

— Middlesex  (165,562)

— Tolland  (151,377)

— Windham  (117.604)

The estimated population of the city of Shelton was 41,000, as of 2013.

This new county population information is based on annual population estimates for each of the nation’s counties since the 2010 Census and up to July 1, 2014. Internet tables are available showing rankings and components of population change (births, deaths, migration).

Economic data available too

Throughout this year, the Census Bureau is telling the economic side of population changes through the release of statistics from its Economic Census Geographic Area Series.

The economic census is conducted every five years and provides a profile of the U.S. economy, covering millions of businesses representing more than 1,000 industries and providing unique portraits of American industries and local communities.

Data on measures such as the number of establishments and employees, revenues and payroll are included. Statistics are being provided for states, counties and places, including for more than 5,000 communities not available from previous economic censuses.