Chief: Shelton police investigating photos allegedly of officers changing clothes in parking lot

Shelton Police

Shelton Police

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SHELTON — The police chief says his department is investigating photos posted on the police union’s Facebook page which the union describes as town officers changing clothes in the department’s parking lot.

Police Chief Shawn Sequeira, in a post on the department’s Facebook page, said he was informed about the images of men and women with their faces blocked out which were posted on June 4 on the Support the Shelton Police Union Inc. Facebook page. The pictures appear to show male officers changing their pants and female officers in their bras as they change their shirts.

“At this time, I cannot disclose anything regarding this possible indecent exposure because there is an active investigation into this matter,” Sequeira said in the post.

“The Shelton Police Department does not promote or condone indecent exposure in any public place,” added the chief. “Members of the Shelton Police Department are required to maintain high standards of moral character, integrity and professionalism at all times.”

When contacted Tuesday, Sequeira would not comment beyond saying he wants to “maintain the integrity of the investigation.”

Last month the union filed a grievance alleging their three female patrol officers were denied use of their headquarters restrooms while the 49 men had access. The police chief then limited use of headquarters locker rooms and bathrooms for both men and women and set up portable toilets for patrol officers in the parking lot.

Sequeira at the time said it was done for the health and safety of his officers and civilian employees in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Support the Shelton Police Union Inc. page said it put up the photos in response to Sequeira’s edict.

“On its face, it is laughable to think that being relegated to using portable bathrooms in the parking lot and public restrooms does much to enhance officer’s health and safety,” the Facebook post said. “Additionally, officers who may have been exposed to Coronavirus or are simply concerned by the potential of being exposed are not provided any decontamination process for their person or clothing, are offered the parking lot to change from these potentially exposed uniforms and must either store these items in their personal family vehicles or wear these items home should they need to be laundered.”