Chillin’ time at Shelton High; New machine upgrades HVAC efficiency

A new chiller was put in place at Shelton High School during the weekend, and now is ready to be hooked up. A chiller is a large piece of equipment used to cool the air inside buildings as part of the HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

Francis MacAlvain, vice chairman of Shelton’s Public Improvement Building Committee (PIBC), said crews from McKenney Mechanical and Industrial Riggers did “a great job” installing the chiller unit at the high school. “Top-shelf job performed by these two businesses,” MacAlvain said.

One boiler had to be moved and then was put back in place to make room for the chiller unit.

MacAlvain said the installation would help “to achieve Shelton's goal of upgrading and saving tax dollars with efficient equipment, with a payback in several years.”


James Orazietti, a Board of Education member and former PIBC chairman, said the project involved a lot of re-engineering and related work. The result will be that Shelton High will have “one of the most efficient cooling systems available,” Orazietti said.

A chiller can improve the energy efficiency of a large HVAC system, such as those in school buildings.

Orazietti pointed out that combined with lighting energy efficient upgrades, switching to natural gas for heating, and the upcoming use of propane-powered school buses, Shelton has become “a leader in energy conservation.”

Since being formed a few years ago by Mayor Mark Lauretti to improve efficiency and correct deficiency in public spaces, the PIBC has worked on  upgrades of lighting, heating and cooling systems, roofs, doors and building envelopes (separating the inside of a structure from the outside).