City Hall roof repaired, workers to return Tuesday

Shelton City Hall.

Shelton City Hall.

Autumn Driscoll / Autumn Driscoll

Employees working on the third floor of Shelton City Hall will be back at work Tuesday.

The City Hall roof work was completed Saturday, according to Mayor Mark Lauretti, only hours before another round of heavy rain began dousing the state. It was the heavy rain last week that leaked in through the City Hall roof, causing severe damage to ceiling and floor tiles.

“The roof is done,” said Lauretti. “There were no problems this weekend. It is bone dry.”

Cleaning crews from ServPro were on site Friday, beginning at noon, so all staff on the third floor - mainly zoning and building departments - were told to take the remainder of the day off. Some drying out is still needed, said the mayor, but building officials have given approval to open the third floor.

Lauretti said water from the rainstorm leaked in through areas where roof repair was underway.

“We are redoing the roof, and there was a leak the other day,” said Lauretti. “The damage was on the third floor, and there is a lot of drying out to do. Some tiles lifted, and we needed to replace them, and it is hard to have people working with those repairs going on.”

Lauretti said the water damage has created an odor, but nothing serious. The mayor said that replacement of ceiling and floor tiles will be completed overnight and on weekends and should be finished in a couple weeks. Lauretti said all costs from repairing the damage will be covered by insurance.