City bonding to help Shelton school, municipal infrastructure

The Shelton High School HVAC system, interactive boards for classrooms, and the public works vehicle fleet should be some of the beneficiaries of a new round of city bonding.

The Board of Aldermen has unanimously approved $2.2 million of bonding expenditures from the city’s five-year capital appropriations plan.

The biggest ticket item is $572,300 for a new Shelton High chiller, a  machine that increases the efficiency of a cooling system.

A total of $380,000 would be spent on purchasing new vehicles for the Shelton Public Works Department.

School classrooms would be boosted by $200,000 to buy more Promethean boards, the high-tech interactive blackboards being used in more schools and credited by many educators for increasing student involvement.

Many projects to benefit

Additional funds will benefit everything from the City Hall phone system to a school parking lot, and a firehouse compressor to a school baseball field.

In total, 19 projects will benefit from $2.21 million in bonding.

Other major items approved in the bonding package are $152,500 toward the purchase of the Dikovsky egg farm property purchase; $150,000 for structural firefighting gear for the Shelton Fire Department; $127,300 for phase three of the Riverwalk extension, and $125,000 for new Police Department vehicles.

Some of the amounts approved represent partial payments on larger or ongoing projects and purchases.

The bonding items were drawn from the five-year capital project appropriations plan, which is a priority list of longer-term spending projects for the city. “Every city should have one of these,” Mayor Mark Lauretti said.

What projects are included

Here is a complete breakdown of the bonding funds:

— Shelton High School chiller, $572,300

— Public works vehicles, $380,000

— Promethean boards for schools, $200,000

— Dikovsky egg farm property purchase, $152,500

— Structural firefighting gear, $150,000

— Riverwalk extension phase three, $127,300

— Police vehicles, $125,000

— Shelton High School compliance work, $100,000

— Replacement of municipal telephone system, $100,000

— Replacement of misc. municipal vehicles, $100,000

— Three vehicles for Building Maintenance Department, $80,000

— Compressor for Echo Hose Fire Station, $56,000

— Board of Education vehicles, $40,500

— Cel-lastik site remediation, $38,000

— Booth Hill School parking lot renovation, $30,000

— Yutaka Trail water main extension, $25,000

— Shelton High School baseball fields, $23,600

— Maintenance department utility truck body, $5,900

— Open space purchase, $5,000