City conference rooms have new names

The Parsons Government Center conference rooms have new names.

The rooms, with are used for city meetings, for years have been known as “Conference Room A,” “Conference Room B” and “Conference Room C.”

As part of the city’s 375th anniversary celebrations last year, members of the anniversary committee thought it would be a good time to give those rooms more interesting and relevant names. So they organized a contest and asked Milford students to come up with suggestions.

Mayor Ben Blake is expected to announce the winners, and the new names, at Monday’s Board of Aldermen’s meeting.

The new names are ...

“The Captain Kidd Room,” suggested by Anna Byers, a sixth grader at East Shore Middle School.

“The Peter Prudden Room,” recommended by Kyra Grace Johnson, a sixth grader at East Shore Middle School.

“The Ansantawae Room,” recommended by Nicholas Lynn, a ninth grader at Foran High School.