City investigating theft of public money

The city is investigating the theft of public funds in the finance department, according to Mayor Mark Lauretti Friday morning.

“The city has accepted the resignation of Assistant Director Sharon Scanlon as it relates to this matter,” Lauretti said in a written statement.

The city said that Finance Director Louis Marusic is not a suspect in the investigation. Marusic has been placed on administrative leave and outside personnel have been put in place to provide oversight in the Finance Department, the mayor said.

“The city is currently pursuing various avenues to obtain full restitution,” Lauretti said. “A more comprehensive public statement will follow completion of the investigation.”

Lauretti said counsel has advised the city not provide any more details at this time.

Earlier Friday morning, Lauretti told The Herald he wasn't ready to comment on the rumors of an investigation in the department, saying he needed to talk to city employees first. A few hours later he released a statement. The finance office was empty Thursday and The Connecticut Post had been told by a city hall source that some kind of investigation was going on but no one would comment.