City may abandon unused section of Shelton road

The city may abandon a section of unused road that runs to the south of the Inline Plastics plant and then transfer ownership of that part of the road to the company.

The road involved is Hull Street between Wharf Street and the factory, and to most people it appears to be part of a little-used side parking lot for Inline Plastics. It is, in essence, now what is known as a “paper road.”

The potential transaction does not include Hull Street from Wharf Street to Brewster Lane, which would remain a city road and not be impacted.

The Board of Aldermen has voted to approve the possible closure and transfer of the road, subject to negotiations between the mayor and Inline Plastics officials.

“I like the idea in concept,” said Aldermanic President John F. Anglace Jr.

Mayor Mark Lauretti agreed. “Let’s not slow it down,” he said of the process.

Verify the city is the owner

Lauretti said the first step would be for the city to abandon its interest in the road once it can be definitively determined the city owns the property below the road.

Once abandoned, the adjoining property owner — in this case, Inline Plastics — could take control of the property.

“It’s a piece of property the city really has no interest in,” Lauretti told aldermen. “If it becomes private property, someone will enhance it and pay taxes on it.”

One uncertainly is the sidewalk that runs along Wharf Street on this “paper road” section of Hull Street because the state or even a utility could be owners of that part of the property.

Work taking place in parking lot

In recent days, Inline Plastics has been rebuilding its parking lot near the unused section of Hull Street. Workers have been tearing up the old asphalt and building a new subsurface and pouring a new surface covering.

It appears the company plans to begin actively using at least three truck bays on that side of the building. None of the work appears to have encroached on the city road.

Inline Plastics is a manufacturer located in a large building between Howe Avenue and Canal Street.