The Shelton Board of Aldermen has unanimously approved spending $150,000 to upgrade the city-owned maintenance facility on Riverdale Avenue.

Once renovated, the facility will be used primarily to do maintenance work on school buses and public works vehicles.

“It’s a building we own that we use for different things,” Mayor Mark Lauretti told aldermen before the vote at a Thursday night meeting.

The money will be spent on installing a new roof, re-siding the building, putting in overhead doors, and related upgrades.

The exact cost of the work is unknown. “This is a ballpark number at this point,” Lauretti said. “We are out to bid on this ... We want to try to get the work started this summer.”

Building is near sewage plant

The site is across the street from the Water Pollution Control Authority sewage treatment plant on Riverdale Avenue, which runs along the Housatonic Avenue south of Canal Street. Riverdale Avenue houses many industrial-type uses.

The city will be storing new propane buses for the Board of Education in the same vicinity, and expects to add a propane fueling facility for the buses as well.

The city plans to use Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP) funds it receives from the state to fund the maintenance building upgrade project.