City wants to sell downtown parcel now used for parking

The city wants to sell a small lot at Coram Avenue and Cornell Street, and will soon seek bids on the property. The parcel now has a small parking lot on it, which generally is used by nearby residents.

The land is just down the hill from City Hall, on Coram Avenue between Hill and Center streets, but is not used for any municipal purposes such as overflow City Hall parking.

It’s a rectangular-shaped parcel that probably is about 1/15th of an acre in size.

The Board of Aldermen voted to move forward with the sale on Nov. 13, after previously holding a public hearing on the idea in late July.

The decision by the aldermen follows a required process of seeking input from certain other city commissions and getting an appraisal. The appraisal amount is not disclosed until after a potential sale takes place.

Future municipal use?

For about a year or so, city officials have been discussing whether the property could possibly serve any future municipal use.

The property’s most likely private use would be for housing. It’s an area with multiple family homes that is near retail businesses on Howe Avenue.

When the city offers a parcel for sale and seeks purchase bids, that doesn’t necessarily mean that any offers will be made or that any offers submitted will be accepted.