Company unveils new activity monitor

FitLinxx a Shelton-based provider of health and wellness technology recently announced the Pebble, an all-day wireless activity monitor that motivates people to be active anytime, anywhere.

Designed for use in corporate wellness programs, the Pebble is a natural, easy-to-use device that clips to an individual's shoe or waistband, blending seamlessly into daily life. It uses intelligent, patented algorithms to collect accurate and objective activity data. The device automatically tracks the number of steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled and total activity time and works across multiple activity types.

The Pebble's algorithms adjust based on the type of motion detected. Once the Pebble collects activity data, it automatically and wirelessly sends it through the FitLinxx database via wireless access points to customized personal websites.

Using applications that FitLinxx partners create, individuals can view their activity information, set and measure goals, and join communities to stay motivated.

The Pebble provides instant and motivating feedback displayed on the device, showing progress that an individual has made toward his/her daily goal, as well as sync status and remaining battery life.

"The Pebble is a natural choice for businesses," said FitLinxx President and CEO Dave Monahan. "Through its simplicity, accuracy and 'total population' approach, the Pebble is unmatched in addressing the needs of a diverse workforce and motivating people to make smart decisions to be more active."