Condition of men involved in Shelton explosion improves

The condition of two of men hurt in the Sept. 10 house explosion on Wopowog Trail has been upgraded from critical to serious condition as of Tuesday morning.

Luke Lauretti, 48, and Gary Henry, 24, are now in serious condition, according to Bridgeport Hospital Spokesman John Cappiello. Luke Lauretti is the brother of Mayor Mark Lauretti.

“This is good news, they seem to be headed in the right direction,” Cappiello said.

The third blast victim, Randy Fera, 59, of Stratford remains in fair condition.

Fera and Henry, employees of Pioneer Gar and Appliance, were at the Wopowog Trail home two weeks ago, installing new propane tanks. Lauretti, Mayor Mark Lauretti's brother, is friends with the homeowner and was in the basement with the workers.

While there, the employees detected a gas leak and waited until they thought the gas had dissipated before reportedly attempting to ignite the pilot light on the hot water heater, leading to an explosion. The homeowner, Debra Duguid and her daughter were outside of the home when the blast occurred. They weren't injured. The three men were able to run out of the house.

The explosion caused significant damage to the house, shattering a main support beam and making the house uninhabitable.